A Portrait of Your Inner-self

Inner portrait

As we all know, life is filled with Spirit, but sometimes a little Blue creeps in.

It was on a Blue day that I created the image above. My environment was causing me pain for various reasons, so I decided to create a landscape from my mind where I could go and feel peace whenever I wanted. It was something just for me. Just the process of making it was a calming and inspiring experience.

When I was finished I was struck with how much this process could help other people. When we hold a vision in our minds of what we want to feel, achieve, or be it makes the reality of getting there much more achievable. I wanted to give this to other people to help them on their journeys.

So I reached out to my community and connected with my first client. After a 30 minute Skype conversation, where I guided her though a mediative visualisation exercise to get her to step into her landscape, I set about creating her inner portrait. It was overwhelmingly heart warming to create someone’s vision with them and for them and we ended up with the image below.

Inner portrait

I am so excited to take this further and connect with more people wishing to have their own vision and inner portrait come to life.

The experience reaffirmed my belief to never resent the Blues. The Blues allow us to connect with other people in a profound way, and can lead us to create beauty and opportunities out of the rawness of emotion.

I would love your feedback and comments, and of course if you would like work with me to create your own inner portrait and vision then get in touch.