Instead of failing with my talents, I saw how I could succeed with them.

I coach the movers and shakers of the world to build unique brands and websites, helping them make their ideas become a reality.

I help entrepreneurs at all stages of their business journey, whether they want to work with me from idea to finished product, rebrand, or simply design a high-converting website that reflects their current brand.

You will be working with me, Bethan, an artist/entrepreneur/coach/web-designer whose main mission in life is to help talented people put their ideas out into the world. My journey to living the Spirit & Blue life hasn’t exactly been a conventional one, but when was conventional ever inspiring?!

Growing up, I never fitted into a box. Not that I tried to of course. I think deep down I knew that my rebellious unconformist nature would take me somewhere some day. I saw myself as someone who could change the world, even though on the outside people may have seen a girl who was forever in detention, forgetting homework, and getting fired from jobs. I drove my parents and teachers mad, always questioning EVERYTHING. I struggled to accept things as they were, always imagining how they could be better. I learned later in life, however, that this was something common in most of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. So instead of failing with my talents, I saw how I could succeed with them, and that’s when I set up my own business to help others to do the same.

I wiped out the majority of my 20’s feeling depressed for this reason. I was always trying to fit in with other people’s concepts of living, convincing myself I can do the office job, living in the big city. But like many other people, the constant lies I told myself every day wore away at me and my light dimmed. It was through getting an amazing coach, and a reserve of willpower I didn’t know I had, that I decided to change my life and actually start following my dream.

I left my job and my home in London, dragged my belongings back to my Dad’s house, took a look at my life and started from scratch. I wrote everything down on a piece of paper of what I wanted to achieve and I started to tell myself it was all possible. I bought a car on blind faith I would have the money to run it, I moved to Portugal to live by the sea, and I set up my business.

Through my own journey I have learned just how important it is to have the right support when trying to launch a business, and that is what I work hard to offer to my clients.

I have been lucky enough to witness the first steps of many pioneering startups and businesses. I loved my role as director of the charity, Good Story, giving mentoring and support to young entrepreneurs, and also a proud member of the team running House of Genius in London, a non-profit that gives startups a platform to pitch their business to industry experts. Through these experiences I have been able to develop an intuitive and practical understanding of business and what it takes to make one succeed or fail.

These experiences, combined with my background as an artist gives me a unique insight to enable me to work from a place of knowledge and creativity when helping someone develop their brand and website.